Our Story

Food has always been a driving force in our household. I am much like my mother, Gracie: my days are consumed with thoughts and feelings about food. We enjoy growing food, planning food, preparing food, serving food and we even enjoy shopping for food. The eating of food takes the backseat to the passion for it’s preparation. Don’t get me wrong! We do enjoy eating Good Food. This passion for Good Food led us to forming Gracie’s Garden. Being the oldest of Gracie’s three children, I have had the fortune of consuming wonderful meals from her table longer than my twin sisters, Sharon and Karen. The three of us have been blessed and, okay I will admit it, spoiled by having access to her wonderful pickles, relishes, and preserves all of our lives. We are delighted to now be able to share the bounty of Gracie’s Garden with you.

For years our mother preserved from her garden and shared the year’s bounty with us, her family as well as our extended family and friends. Her pickles have always been something that everyone cherished whether they had received them as a gift or were fortunate enough to get in line in time to buy them at various fundraisers and bazaars when Gracie had donated them. Good taste and the finest quality have always been the cornerstones that made Gracie’s creations the exceptional products that they are. People are always astounded at the flavor and especially the texture of her pickled cucumbers and watermelon rind. Gracie has a passion for the clarity and natural color of her products. The freshness and care are evident in every jar that someone opens and shares at the table.

My sisters and I for years took pride in giving away what we believed to be the finest in pickled condiments to our friends. For many years our friends told us that we should go into business selling the specialty foods for which Gracie was famous. Three years ago we began selling our products at a local farmers market one of our friends opened in Eastern Virginia. Before we could get the product on the shelf, the demand was created for Gracie’s products. With the success of the local sales we decided to launch a product line under the newly formed Gracie’s Garden. Our philosophy for the company is simple: to provide the best quality in our products to ensure customer satisfaction and pleasure. We handcraft all of our products in small batches using the same natural ingredients and recipes that Gracie has used for decades.

We are delighted that you have found your way into Gracie’s Garden. Once you have tasted the difference, we are sure that our products will continue to find their way to your table.

Frank Foster, president
(Gracie’s Favorite Son)